Nano Mister Humidifier USB Rechargeable Portable Cooling Mist Mini Face Humidifier Eyelash Extensions Sprayer

Nanoscale atomization make the moisture can penetrate into the deep skin for moisturizing. Quick to produce finest cool fog for moisturizing skin and will not ruin the makeup. Control oil water balance, make your face looks bright and with good complexion. 25 ml water-tank capacity for a consistent water replenishment. Built-in 2000mAh battery for convenient charge. Mini size and lightweight, it is convenient to carry with you. Great product for hot summer outgoing use.

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  • Using high frequency nano atomization technology, atomize liquid into nano-sized small molecular particles, which can penetrate directly into the deep layer, achieve better absorption. Nano spray hydrating device can effectively replenish dry skin and adjust water and oil balance of the skin, quickly hydrate, anti-acne, reduce fine lines and soothe skin.
  • Nutritional penetration of the muscle floor is the real hydration. It adopts air negative pressure and uniform atomization technology to form a micron-sized spray, which is delicate and comfortable. The water mist gently covers the skin surface, quickly penetrates the muscle bottom and deeply moisturizes.
  • Your skin moisture is lost at all times, the water caused by indoor air conditioning evaporates, the long-term exposure to mobile phone computer caused by lack of water and inflammation, acne, water loss caused by hot weather and large pores, pores caused by air pollution, etc. All remind you that you need to replenish water. Let use it to hydrate your skin anytime and anywhere.
  • The new upgraded atomizing essence water meter allows you to say goodbye to traditional hand rubs. The nutrient absorption effect is far more than the hand, micron spray, and quickly penetrate the muscle base. It is not suitable for makeup before makeup, and it is suitable for before makeup and after makeup. Can help you save 50% water, and the angle with 13 degrees is evenly covered.
  • It is very suit for traveling, with just a beauty instrument, light and hydrating anytime, anywhere. You can rejuvenate and have a radiant skin. Mini size that suit for put in the bag to save space, you can also put in the pocket, carry more peace of mind. New USB charging, can also act as a mobile phone charging treasure, charging anytime, anywhere, and cruising your mobile phone. With a large water tank mouth, is convenient to add water, is easy to load and unload, and is convenient to clean.
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